MC(2) program inspires young scientists


Bobby Souders ’15 (Winter Park, Fla.) kept it cool as a small group of fourth graders sidled their desks around his.

As the 10-year-olds chatted up a storm about the brightly colored liquids and two forms of salt he set out before him, the biochemistry major patiently waited for a brief pause in their conversations before he began directing them in their experiments.

“We’ve been learning about chemical changes and physical changes,” says Dr. Kevin Pate, who brought five Marietta College students to 1978 and 2006 alumna Nan Welch’s fourth-grade science class at Washington School as part of the MC2 program. Kaely Becker ’15 (Brunswick, Ohio), Derek Howe ’15 (Marietta, Ohio), Brandon Stewart ’15 (Delaware, Ohio), Ryan Turnewitsch ’15 (St. Clairsville, Ohio), Rebekah Wood ’15 (Pleasant City, Ohio) and Sounders have volunteered to help Pate with these events on numerous occasions during the past two years.


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