Marietta Fund: We need your help today to reach our 2012-13 goal


At the End of the Day…

Have you ever wondered what sort of difference you can make in the life of a Marietta College student?

It doesn’t take a complex computation or an accountant to figure it out because at the end of the day, your contribution to The Marietta Fund goes right to the heart of what makes this campus so special…the students!

When you demonstrate your generosity and commitment to higher education with a Marietta Fund gift, you’re giving directly to the financial aid that keeps a Marietta College experience accessible.

You’re funding equipment that maintains a competitive edge for the next generation of members of The Long Blue Line.

You’re enriching study abroad and internship opportunities that prepare Pioneers for what comes next.

"To be a graduate is an honor and with that comes the responsibility of stewardship of the institution." — Andrew Ferguson ’95

Nobody knows this better than the members of the Marietta College Alumni Association Board of Directors. The continue to match the efforts of the Senior Challenge not just because they want to offer an incentive for graduating seniors to understand what it means to give back, but because in addition to their service as board members, they know that helping complete successful annual fund campaigns sends a powerful and positive message.

"I give to The Marietta Fund because I am proud of the way the college has changed and improved since I graduated. I want to continue to help make a positive difference for faculty and staff that helped with my education and the students of the future. I am proud to be a Pioneer!" — Paula King Pitasky  '96

And never is this more true than now as President Joseph W. Bruno’s first year at Marietta College comes to a close. It’s been a time filled with excitement and accomplishment with a distinct focus upon re-emphasizing the importance of the student experience both inside and outside the classroom.

Members of the MCAA Board invite you to join in writing one more success story for President Bruno’s inaugural year — to reach The Marietta Fund goal of $1.7 million. Your help in the finals days of the annual fund campaign will help put the effort over the top and joining with classmates and peers can help ensure that the College community is able to demonstrate its appreciation to Dr. and Mrs. Bruno for their outstanding achievements during their first year at Marietta College.

"I like knowing my investment will provide future generations support they need to prepare them. Giving is a personal choice. I am at a place in my life that I have the financial means to do so and love giving to a place I care so much about." — Jennifer Roach Offenberger ’86

At the end of the day, your gift to The Marietta Fund in time to help us meet our 2013 goal of $1.7 million never made more sense! Make an online gift today and help us reach our goal.