Class of 2016 learns what it means to be a Pioneer at Matriculation


If not for some real soul searching, Logan Maltese ’16 (Canton, Ohio) wouldn’t have even been a part of Marietta College Freshman Matriculation Ceremony on Sunday, Aug. 26.

After participating in an orientation at a large public university just two weeks earlier, Maltese realized he made a mistake and contacted officials at Marietta about enrolling this fall.

“I came to the College on a Thursday morning and was a full-time student by that evening,” says Maltese, who was one of two new students asked to address their classmates on Fenton Court. “There was something about that experience that just enthralled me. The amount of people willing to work overtime in order to adopt me into the Marietta family was incredible. They gave me the confidence and the reassurance I needed to be standing up here today. For that, I thank them dearly.”

Maltese was one of more than 400 students who matriculated and joined The Long Blue Line by signing the historic and ceremonial books during the event in front of family and friends — as well as Marietta College’s faculty.

Erin McNulty ’16 (Little Hocking, Ohio) also spoke to her fellow freshmen, telling them how Marietta College was actually her mother’s first choice.

“Mainly because its doors are 30 minutes away from mine,” she says. “My first thought was Marietta! Why WOULD I go to Marietta? I live near there. I’ve heard about it all my life. Why would I want to go there? I hate to admit it, but one step through the door and I knew I was home. I’m here because I’m where I think I’m supposed to be.”

Dr. Joseph Bruno (watch Dr. Bruno's speech), participating in his first Matriculation as Marietta College president, helped pass out commemorative posters and delivered his own charge to the College’s newest students.

“You’re here because we seek to build a learning community each and every year, with each and every entering class. You are here, every one of you, because we found something in your record to indicate that, in addition to being a capable and motivated student, you had something, that special talent or skill that you could contribute to this learning community,” he says. “And please notice; I says ‘could contribute.’ For that is really my point here. Because all of your talent, all of your experiences, they mean very little to the rest of us if you are unwilling to share, and all of your classmates’ incredible talents will mean that much less to you if you aren’t willing to ask, to listen, to engage, and to accept new ideas.”

Student Senate President Connor Walters ’13 (Bay Village, Ohio) didn’t pass up the opportunity to have the new students contribute through a school spirit exercise. Following his chant of “We Are!” the 400 or so students all yelled back “MC."

“I don’t care if your high school was the Wasps or the Wombats — you are now Pioneers. You bleed blue and white. Accept it. Embrace it. Live it,” Walters says. “Pride in being Pioneers … School spirit, which runs deep throughout your veins, should be something you want for this College."


This marks the 10th consecutive fall the College has matriculated at least 375 new students. Marietta’s Office of Admission expects around 465 total new students will join Marietta this fall, studying in one of the 44 majors offered. The College’s full-time enrollment has increased to around 1,435.

“There are many positive influences awaiting us in our next four years here,” Maltese says. “We as a class need only the courage and determination to discover it. In order to reap these opportunities, I offer you three major pieces of advice — question more, strengthen your perception and, finally, let your voice be heard.”

Following the Matriculation ceremony the entire student body was invited to an All-Campus Barbecue on the Christy Mall. More than 800 students attended the festive celebration.

On Monday, Aug. 27, all classes began for the fall semester. The College conducts a fall break from Oct. 6-9 and celebrates Homecoming from Oct. 12-14. Homecoming weekend also includes the inauguration ceremony for Dr. Bruno, Marietta College’s 18th president. The fall final exams are Dec. 10-14. The spring semester begins Jan. 14.

For those really planning ahead, Spring Break is March 9-17 and the 176th Commencement is on May 12.




President Bruno's remarks to the Class of 2016 (video)

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