Museum Practices class opens first exhibit in Legacy Library

Students in Marietta College’s Museum Practices class recently opened their first gallery for the spring semester with The Fleeting Glimpses: Prints of Japan’s Floating World, which is now on display in the Legacy Library.
The gallery features a collection of woodblock prints from the Edo period from various parts of Japan. Among the Japanese printmakers, Utagawa Hiroshige is featured heavily in the exhibit.

As the first curated show for the Art History Students, it is meant to provide a chance to practice gallery techniques. In preparation for the Annual Student Art Show, the students will be able to have a better understanding of what it means to host a gallery exhibit. The Student Art Show opens Feb. 24 in the Hermann Fine Arts Gallery.
The Japanese prints exhibit is a welcomed arrival. Penelope Smith ’15 (Pittsburgh, Pa.) said, “I am looking forward to this exhibit as it will bring a varying culture to our campus.”
A devoted supporter of the College, Dr. Richard M. Krause ’47 has a unique fondness for Asian art. His passion can be seen by his generous donation on display in the Legacy Library’s Schwartz Fireplace Lounge.
The woodblock prints give viewers an idea of the landscapes of ancient Japan on a small scale. The show opened Feb. 7 and will remain on display for much of the spring semester. Dr. Chaya Chandrasekhar, Assistant Professor of Art, teaches the Museum Practices course.