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Students form organization geared toward social justice

hands-sandShake America, a new organization at Marietta College, plans to shake things up on campus and in the Marietta community.

According to Lauren Currie ’13 (Lockport, N.Y.), who co-founded the organization with Sydney Maltese ’14 (Massillon, Ohio), Shake America, Students for Social Justice, is, “a social justice-geared organization that aims to empower students to be active leaders in their communities, promote critical thinking about social justice issues, and develop a commitment to community betterment.”

College adds Delta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Omicron

kao-logoMarietta College recently established the Delta Chapter of Kappa Alpha Omicron, an organization for students and faculty who learn and work with subjects like Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Sustainability, and other interdisciplinary fields.

“The order was chosen in terms of founders/presidents of IEA,” said Dr. Eric Fitch, Chair of Marietta’s Environmental Science program. “I was granted the distinction of being an honorary founder due to my service to the organization. It is my hope that just as the IEA has attracted members from throughout the world (Japan, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Germany, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, etc.) so too someday KAO will have chapters all over the globe fulfilling the same fundamental purpose: creating a home for interdisciplinary environmental scholars planet-wide.”


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